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     Claudette is a woman of faith, with a heart to serve. She is known for her gifts of singing, teaching, and speaking; however, she is also a content creator and motivator. She airs Motivation Monday weekly on Youtube, Facebook, and on KPMM Radio. A Kansas City native, Claudette is also a workshop presenter and training facilitator. An entrepreneur at heart, she is the owner of CBC Services Group, LLC, which offers tax preparation and empowering avenues for others. She is an established author, releasing her first book, "Persevering In Prayer," June 2020. This book has blessed the lives of hundreds and continue to inspire many.  

    Her ministry gifts as a teacher, minister, author, and psalmist have led her to various Christian and professional avenues, along with affording her many opportunities to minister the Gospel through word and song.


     Her teaching gift has extended beyond the church and into the classroom of middle and high school students at local Christian schools, in the workplace, and marketplace.  


 Claudette holds a Master's in Organizational Leadership and uses this knowledge to build teams in organizations and churches.


    At the center of her world are three beautiful children: Kalia, Chloe, and Kaleb, and her grandbabies: Lailah and Landon, whom she loves dearly. She makes certain to spend quality time with them. She also enjoys reading, traveling, and fellowshipping with other family and friends. Claudette has a passion for teaching, worship, encouraging others, and has a ministry of intercession; however, her most important focus is to fulfill the will of God and His purpose for her life.

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